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STRAND MAGAZINE also loves A Deadly Covenant:

“Michael Stanley presents a complex narrative, full of twists, turns and misdirection. It is a dark story of conspiracy, corruption and revenge, but Stanley leavens this with humour, and with characters that convince and engage. A DEADLY COVENANT is a real page turner, perfect for those who like their mysteries complex, and want something a little different.”

(The full review will appear in Strand Magazine in December.)


We love the new audiobook read by Ben Onwukwe. His narration style and his character voices fit the Kubu books perfectly! See what you think by clicking on his picture below to hear him read the first chapter. The audiobook is now available everywhere.


Fantastic STARRED Review from Publishers Weekly for A Deadly Covenant!

“Set in 1999, Edgar finalist Stanley’s excellent eighth mystery featuring Botswana’s Det. Sgt. David Bengu, the author’s second prequel, finds Bengu, affectionately known as Kubu (or hippo, for his girth), still learning the skills to become an astute and observant homicide investigator. …  Stanley (the pen name of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip) gets everything—the dialogue, the terrain descriptions, the plot beats—right. More prequels fleshing out this complex and endearing protagonist would be welcome.”


The paperback will be released in the UK on the 8th of December, SA 17th of January.


“Brilliant! The pair, known jointly as Michael Stanley, has brought to life Botswana’s flora and fauna, its days and nights, its culture, mythology, and superstition, and more than enough murder in this second prequel in their Detective Kubu Mysteries. The beautiful, yet diverse, natural world and rich culture lies amid deep prejudices, contentious protest, corruption, and secrets that precipitated murder then and murder now. …The investigation has its typical obstacles, misdirection, and an intense anticipation of the final reveal, as well as delving deeper into the various personalities and motivations. What an outstanding read! A top contender for my Best of 2022!” – Kathleen Costa, Kings River Life

You can find out more about A Deadly Covenant and the other Detective Kubu books by watching a replay of Stanley being interviewed by Barbara Peters at a great launch event at Poisoned Pen Bookstore.

Watch on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjhkWB6KIWI&t=5s

or through FaceBook at www.facebook.com/thepoisonedpenbookstore/live

Scroll down for more reviews and to read the first chapter.


Agatha in Africa

Agatha Christie loved to explore and made a trip to South Africa and (the then) Southern Rhodesia before the British Empire Exhibition. Her thriller The Man in the Brown Suit came out of that trip to Africa. So did her lifelong love of surfing. You can hear the whole story in this presentation from the 2022 Agatha Christie International Festival with us and Bryony Rheam from Zimbabwe:



A great launch for the US edition of A Deadly Covenant at Once Upon a Crime!

Many thanks to Mary Ann Grossman and Devin and her team at the bookstore.

You can watch the launch on Crowdcast by clicking on the picture:

The hybrid event at Once Upon A Crime

Stanley had a great discussion with Barbara Peters at Poisoned Pen Bookstore about A Deadly Covenant and the other Kubu books. You can enjoy it by clicking on one of the links below. (You don’t need to be a Facebook member.)





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Here are some quotes and reviews for the new book. Needless to say, we’re delighted!

“As a big fan of uncovered or unsolved mysteries from the remote past, I found A Deadly Covenant completely intriguing and engrossing, and the Bushman scenes fascinating. Kubu seems ever more incisive. Vividly painted scenery, and I can feel the oppressive heat. Talk about Sunshine Noir!”- Kwei Quartey, award-winning author

“The unmatched beauty, spirit, and mystery of Africa never fails to come to life in Michael Stanley’s award-winning Botswana-based Detective David “Kubu” Bengu series. In the newest addition to this irresistible series, A Deadly Covenant, societal conflicts, generational prejudices, family secrets, and political turf wars combine to obstruct a youthful Detective Kubu’s investigation into old bones unearthed in a remote Botswana village and the seemingly unrelated murders that soon follow their discovery. A Deadly Covenant is an irresistible page-turner and a powerful contribution to the Kubu saga.” Jeffrey Siger, author of the best-selling Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis mysteries

Any book featuring this detective from Botswana will be one to look forward to with a great deal of anticipation… and to savor every word once it is in my hands.Kittling Books

Here’s hoping for a few more “early” Kubu cases, as there is still so much to learn about this unique character, his colleagues, and the country he calls home. Bolo Books

Kubu, despite personal insecurities concerning love and social skills, sets his keen mind to work, absorbs, solves – gains confidence in handling police procedure, single-malt whiskey, and love. – Lavender Magazine

The sandy stretches of northern Botswana may appear simple but they have a complex past and a complicated present that will not yield to comfortable resolutions. Kubu is an excellent, if large, companion for readers entering his unfamiliar land.Reviewing the Evidence


AND CLICK HERE to download the first Chapter.