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A few years ago, Michael Stanley went to Gaborone in Botswana and had the opportunity to interview Detective Kubu. You can listen to that interview by clicking here.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following readers who are winners in our recent competition:

First prize of a carved rhino from South Africa: Shirley Pearson of Los Altos, California

Second prize (a secret until the winner receives it): Sally Cadagin of Springfield, Illinois

Third prize of a signed first edition of A CARRION DEATH: Barbara Albin of Durham, North Carolina

Fourth prize of a signed first edition of A CARRION DEATH: Bryan Arnold of Littleton, Colorado.

Shoot the Bastards

...an extraordinary tale… – C J Box

Our stand-alone thriller, Shoot the Bastards (Dead of Night outside North America) will hit the bookstores on June 11. Of course, you can pre-order it from your usual sources. For more information about it, read the summary further down the page.

C J Box writes about it: “From Minnesota to South Africa to Mozambique to Vietnam, Michael Stanley’s SHOOT THE BASTARDS is an extraordinary tale of the extreme measures taken to combat international poaching and smuggling.”

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“I love Crys Nguyen, an intrepid environmentalist, quick thinking and fearless. Although tiny, she fights way above her weight. With a bit of karate and a deep commitment to yoga and meditation, she is a young woman after my own heart. I can’t wait to see what she gets herself mixed up in next time out.”
– Susan Hoover, reviewingtheevidence.com
“It’s an enthralling immersive read that won’t disappoint.”
– Promoting Crime Fiction
“This story is brutal, brilliant and utterly breath-taking, my favourite of this writing duo so far…..Totally stunning in every sense of the word.”
– Books from Dusk Till Dawn
“I don’t think I caught my breath properly the whole time I was reading it. It is the best thriller that I have read in a long while.”
– A Little Book Problem blog

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Dead of Night (U.K. & South Africa) a.k.a. Shoot The Bastards (U.S.)

Dead of Night / Shoot the Bastards

When her friend Michael Davidson goes missing while researching a National Geographic story on rhino poaching and rhino-horn smuggling, investigative journalist Crystal Nguyen heads to Africa to try to find him and to finish his story. But within a week she’s been hunting poachers, been hunted by their bosses, and been arrested in connection with a murder. And everyone is after a briefcase full of money that she doesn’t want, but can’t safely get rid of. She comes to realise how little she knows about Africa and war between the poachers and the conservation officers.

What she does know is that she’s determined to find Michael and that she’s committed to preventing a planned major operation in South Africa to secure a huge number of rhino horns. She goes undercover in Vietnam, trying to discover the truth before she’s exposed by the local mafia. Discovering the plot behind the money is only half the battle. Now she must convince the South African authorities to take action before it’s too late, both for the rhinos and for her.

In this stand-alone thriller, Michael Stanley, author of the award-winning Detective Kubu mystery series, introduces an intriguing new protagonist, and at the same time exposes one of the most vicious conflicts of southern Africa with its Asian puppet-masters.


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Also Available:

Dying to Live by Michael Stanley
U.K. and U.S. covers

Dying to Live, the latest Detective Kubu novel

When the body of a Bushman is discovered near the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the death is written off as an accident. But all is not as it seems. An autopsy reveals that, although he’s clearly very old, his internal organs are puzzlingly young. What’s more, an old bullet is lodged in one of his muscles—but there is no entry wound.

When the body is stolen from the morgue, and a local witch doctor, famous for peddling a potion to extend life, is reported missing, Detective “Kubu” Bengu gets involved. Were the two events related? And was an American anthropologist who’d befriended the old Bushman involved?

As Kubu and his brilliant young colleague, Detective Samantha Khama, follow the twisting trail through a confusion of rhino-horn smugglers, foreign gangsters and drugs manufacturers, the wider and more dangerous the case seems to grow.

A fresh, new slice of Sunshine NoirDying to Live is a classic tale of greed, corruption, and ruthless thuggery, set in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, and featuring one of crime fiction’s most endearing and sympathetic heroes.


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